Olive Pomace Oil / 1 Liter Bottle/Pet

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The olive pomace oil is obtained from pressed olives after it had won the first oil at the mill. For that reason is the second-best olive oil to consume. After refining, it´s enriched with a percentage of extra virgin olive oil which increases the aroma and flavor.

The fry performance of this 100% vegetable oil is very high with stability at high temperatures. The stability is increased by the inherent characteristics of extra virgin olive oil cornicabra variety contained in its composition. The smoke point is reached at 220 º C (428 º F) guaranting an excellent quality for frying.

The high content of natural tocopherols makes pomace olive oil suitable for frying. It has a great resistance to oxidation and can be used repeatedly. The high presence of monounsaturated oleic acid makes it a more healthy than other vegetable oils.

The Olive Pomace MeditOLIVE of Morainsa consists of a mixture of refined olive pomace oil and extra virgin olive oil. The free acidity, expressed as oleic acid, is less than 0,1º.


Olive trees in the variety Cornicabra 100% Olive Pomace Oil . Extremadura (Spain)

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