Extra Virgin Olive Oil -Ecologic . Bottle 500 ml

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Organic olive oil, is the pure juice of the organic olives obtained only by mechanical means and has got many properties which are highly beneficial to health.
The consumption of organic olive oil, means a very important step towards a healthy and balanced diet. The benefit of olive oil from organic agriculture is that we are actually talking about a gourmet olive oil which has recovered the flavor, aroma, color and physical-chemical properties that it used to have in the past. That kind of olive oil satisfies the most discerning palates.

100% Extra virgin olive oil ecological

16.9 Fl.Oz.   (500 ml)
Acidity = 0.6 °
Peroxide <10 meq O2/kg fat
k270 <0.15


Olive trees in the variety Cornicabra,Picual 100% Organic. Extremadura (Spain)


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