Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 750 ml Bottle /Glass

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Great new!! Our EVOO Vieiru is recognised with a distinction at 16º International Competition L'Orciolo d'Oro (Italy)



Product Description

Golden oil obtained by means of careful treatment of ‘Manzanilla Cacereña’ olive, indigenous olive variety cultivated exclusively in a small region from north of Extremadura (Spain).

Monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil is slightly sweet, with great balance between spicy and bitter.

It is characterized by its fruity, being remarkable fruit aromas to banana, apple, kiwi and green tomato. Besides, vegetable aromas such as artichoke or freshly cut grass


100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

 Nutritional Facts

16.9 Fl.Oz.   (750 ml)
Acidity = 0.2 °
Peroxide <10 meq O2/kg fat
k270 <0.12
Moisture = 0.1%
Impurities = 0.1%
Waxes = 55 mg / kg
Taste: sweet aromatic fruity

Uses for Cooking: Very recommended for fishes, meats (specially game), carpaccios, fresh vegetables and generally in order to enhance the natural flavour of the foods.



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Olive trees in the variety Manzanilla Cacereña 100%  Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Extremadura (Spain)


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