Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250 ml Bottle /Glass

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Product Description

Tasting Notes: characterized by their great sense of density in the mouth. Fruity and nutty with delicate apple flavor. Presents values of bitter and spicy with a balanced mix of aromas and fresh fruits flavors.The color is kind of yellow gold and green. The great personality and balance of Morainsa Olive Oils satisfy the most discerning palates.


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained naturally and only by physical processes. The cold extraction preserves the aromas. The product is submited to rigorous analysis to confirm the quality product as Extra Virgin.The process begins selecting and cleaning the fruits. Once the olive is cleaned, it follows a meticulous process of milling, mixing, centrifugation and decanting with the most advanced technologies.

The Morainsa Olive Oil comes from cornicabra variety olives. The olives are selected and harvested at their optimal ripeness time and is crushed in the same day. The extra virgin quality is due to the quality controls throughout the process.

Our Olive Oil

Personality and quality are the main characteristics of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The olive variety is called Cornicabra. We continue the tradition of growing and processing this olive oil by Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans in this region. The parameters that define the category of our oil are:

Nutritional Facts

Acidity: never more than 0.7 °.
Peroxide: maximum allowable 12 (high antioxidant power).
K270 (UV absorbance): maximum allowable 0.15.
Humidity: maximum allowed 0.1%
Impurities: maximum allowed 0.1%
Organoleptic score greater than 6.5: impeccable taste and aroma.
High oleic and low linoleic acid.
Maximum polyphenol content: high stability even at very high temperatures.



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Olive trees in the variety Cornicabra 100%  Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Extremadura (Spain)

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