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Pack 3 Bottle / Extra Virgin Olive Oil  / 750 ml / 19,50 €

Great new!! Our EVOO Vieiru is recognised with a distinction at 16º International Competition L'Orciolo d'Oro (Italy)


Very recommended for fishes, meats (specially game), carpaccios, fresh vegetables and generally in order to enhance the natural flavour of the foods.

Pack 3 Bottle  /  Extra Virgin Olive Oil  /  500ml  /  D.O. Montes Toledo  /  20 €


It is characterized by its intense fruitiness reminiscent of apple, dense on the palate with a delicate almond flavor and just a touch of bitterness itching and gives such a personality characteristic of this oil.

Pack 3 Bottle / Extra Virgin Olive Oil / 250ml /Aromatic / 16,50€


Aromatic oil obtained by macerating Extra Virgin Olive Oil 'Vieiru' from native Cacereña Manzanilla olive variety, grown in the north of the province of Cáceres (Sierra de Gata) and chilli. Mix the healthy properties of extra virgin olive oil and chilli: lowers cholesterol, is beneficial for circulation and respiratory system.


Pack 3 Bottle / Extra Virgin Olive Oil / 750 ml / 15,00€

Hispaniola has its origin in the year 1840 being the oldest brand of Spanish olive oil. Its name honors the island of 'The old Spanish American colony in what is today the Dominican Republic where Hernando Colon son of Christopher Columbus in the sixteenth century began its exports of olive oil from the Hacienda Guzmán in Sevilla .

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil single variety 100% Manzanilla Cacereña Olive / Ecologic

Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Manzanilla Cacereña "Vieiru" has been recognized with a GOLD MEDAL at XIII International Competition of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil EcoTrama 2014. A new award for our olive oils.


It is characterized by its fruity, being remarkable fruit aromas to banana, apple, kiwi and green tomato. Besides, vegetable aromas such as artichoke or freshly cut grass.

100% Extra virgin olive oil ecological


The consumption of organic olive oil, means a very important step towards a healthy and balanced diet. The benefit of olive oil from organic agriculture is that we are actually talking about a gourmet olive oil which has recovered the flavor, aroma, color and physical-chemical properties that it used to have in the past. That kind of olive oil satisfies the most discerning palates.

Personality and quality are the main characteristics of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The olive variety is called Cornicabra. We continue the tradition of growing and processing this olive oil by Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans in this region. The parameters that define the category of our olive oil

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Discover the designations of origin in the Spanish oil, with Spanish Food quality certified by the EU

Each olive oil producing country in the European Union has its own designations of origin, governed by European regulation. The designation of origin certifies the origin of olive oil, its production methods, the variety used, the parameters of the final product, etc. which must be specifically approved by the Commission.


Even though by European regulation virgin olive oil can have a designation of origin, only Extra Virgin Olive Oils have designation of origin in Spain. There are 20 national designations of origin recognised by the EU and, to date, 31 recognised at a national level.

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